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Land Transfer Tax

Use the table below to calculate the amount of land transfer tax you will have to pay. Land transfer tax is applied on the sale price only. This is a one time only tax that is payable to the Government based on the cost of your home. First time buyers get a rebate if they buy a new property from a developer. The following information can help you to calculate the land transfer tax in Ontario. This is for informational purposes only and we recommend that you speak with a professional to confirm the amount you will have to pay when buying a property.

Purchase Price Calculation of Land Transfer Tax
0 – $55,000 .005 x Amount
$55,001 – $250,000 (.01 x Amount) minus $275
$250,001 – $400,000 (.015 x Amount) minus $1,525
$400,000 + (.02 x Amount) minus $3,525